Tea Forte Black Tea, Organic, Earl Grey, Filterbags

Extraordinary teas. First pressed bergamot and sweet orange zest invigorate this classic. A full-bodied cup with citrus and floral notes. 16 biodegradable filterbags. USDA organic. This box is made with 100% recycled paper. Tea notes: we once stayed in a farm-house in Italy surrounded by bergamot orchards. One morning, sitting with our steaming tea, looking out across the orchard, we were enveloped by a soft breeze of bergamot. The tea wasn't Earl Grey, but the experience was. This tea recreates that moment for me. A generous amount of Italian bergamot, an embracing black tea and a moment back in Italy. - Peter Hewitt founder. Certified organic by Ceres. A greener good. We partner with organic farmers who practice sustainable agriculture. Organic farming is good for the farmers, food for the earth and good for you. This box is made with 100% recycled paper and our tea bags are unbleached. Extraordinary organic ingredients create this enchanting tea. Organic Assam tea: a rich black tea handpicked in the organic gardens or northeastern India's Assam region. Rich in tannins and prized for its bold character, this full-flavored tea melds seamlessly with bergamot. Contains protective antioxidants and mind-focusing theanine. Natural bergamot oil: first pressed bergamot from organic orchards infuses this tea with its distinctive flavor. Product of Germany.