Tea Forte Black Tea, Forte Breakfast, Organic

Extraordinary teas. Our organic, connoisseur grade, single estate assam brews a robust, malty cup with an exceptionally smooth finish. Biodegradable filterbags. USDA organic. Tea Notes: Growing up we had a wood burning stove that provided heat and often puffed out smoke. But the kettle was always hot and tea was a day long event. I created this tea for those among us who feel that tea is a necessity not a nicety, that strong and robust is a good thing and that if the water isn't at a rolling boil, why bother. Extraordinary organic ingredients create this enchanting tea. Organic Assam Tea: This single estate assam is handpicked in the organic tea gardens of northeastern India's assam region. Prized for its bold character, this black tea brews a full-flavored, satisfying cup that can be enjoyed any time of day. Rich in protective antioxidants and mind-focusing theanine. A Greener Good: We partner with organic farmers who practice sustainable agriculture. Organic farming is good for the farmers, good for the earth and good for you. This box is made with 100% recycled paper and our tea bags are unbleached. Certified organic by Ceres GmbH. Product of Germany.