Just Off Melrose Just Crisps, White Cheddar

King of snacks. Palm Springs Magazine. No preservatives. No sugar. No artificial flavors. Everything matters! Like fine wine, the ingredients that come together to create just Crisps White Cheddar are aged each to its specific perfection. Certified Canada 1 cheddar is aged to a minimum of 24 months before it is shredded and topped on fresh sourdough bread. Enjoy Just Crisps White Cheddar right out of the package as a snack, or top them with your favorite accompaniment. Bring new life to your party platters, soups, and salads with these savory treasures. However you enjoy them, remember, there is timeless perfection in every delectable crunch! At Just Off Melrose everything does matter, and that's what make Just Crisps White Cheddar just the best. www.justoffmelrose.com.