Hachez Cocoa D'arriba, Classic, 77% Cacao

Superior mild dark chocolate. Chocolatier Hachez - est. 1890. Joseph E. Hachez processed select premium cocoa from South America according to a simple recipe back in 1890. The secret behind perfect chocolate quality is based on roasting the cocoa beans batch by batch, meticulous conching for up to 72 hours and using natural ingredients. We have kept to this recipe down to today. In our production process we take all the time in the world, with love and great care, to create cocoa-intense, but mild chocolate compositions that represent an extraordinary enjoyment experience for every connoisseur thanks to their delicate smoothness. - JE Hachez. Choco guarantee: Manufactured on basis on the traditional German Cocoa regulation without any other vegetable fat than real cocoa butter. Made in Germany.