The ThrifteCard ™ is about showing our appreciation and rewarding when you shop. It's that simple

Once you've joined, we'll do our best to give you extra bonuses and rewards. ThrifteCard ™ is always thinking of unique ways to thank you and the more you visit, the more rewarding your experience!


Why Enroll?

Everyone who shops at Ralph's and Bayview Thriftway recieves our everyday low prices. You don't need a card for that! But with the ThrifteCard, you will recieve benefits to make your shopping experience easy. Your ThrifteCard acts as a personal electronic wallet for your rewards. Rewards can be earned through special promotions, events, and the purchase of various items throughout the store. Additional benefits will be offered based on your personal interests and any clubs you choose to join.

What do i get with a ThrifteCard?

  • Just for signing up, your rewards account will start with a special gift.
  • Earn valuable credits in your wallet. Spend those credits just like cash in the store whenever you choose (or save them for a special occasion.)
  • Access your receipts online - no need to keep receipts - they are on your account online
  • Access your electronic wallet credit balances and special promotions from your online account.
  • Receive special offers and incentives.
  • Receive special notices and information about promotions, events, and topics based on your interests.
  • Easy returns - Just call 360-596-0110 and we can do returns right over the phone! No more keeping receipts, or taking time to return products to the store.
  • Receive immediate product recall information
  • You can be a part of our 1% community rebate program.
  • Get access to our web-only coupons and weekly ads online.
  • Create your personal shopping list

*You may opt out at any time. We want to exceed your expectations giving you the best possible shopping experience by providing you customized information, valuable offers, and REWARDS!

**Your right to privacy and your safety is our main concern. Your personal information will not be released to anyone ever.